About Us

Pawstylebyluna launched in 2021, Pawstylebyluna is a high-end and luxurious fashion brand for your beloved pets. This brand was inspired by human’s haute couture and aims to introduce it to the world of pets with a touch of elegance and meticulous detail.

It all started in mid 2021, when Luna was born and adopted by one particular gentleman. As time goes by, he prepared Luna to be a dedicated petwear designer.

Luna started with producing bib couture, which gained a lot of interest from pet lovers all around. She then tried to design pet dresses with inspiration from human haute couture. As it turns out, the dress couture for pets under the name of Pawstylebyluna achieved considerable sucess in penetrating Indonesian market for beloved dogs and cats’ special occasions like birthdays etc.

Pawstylebyluna has also successfully enter the international market, collaborating with pet influencers from all around the world including Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and USA.

As a pioneer in the industry with impactful initiatives, Pawstylebyluna collections drives Luna to keep working in the petwear industry up until now.

Afterwards, in early 2022, we received the opportunity to get coverage in the HOBBY & PET column in The Jakarta Post. In mid 2022, Pawstylebyluna was given the chance to fill in a fashion show in several events by fellow Pet Lovers in Jakarta, including PAWCHELLA as our latest participation.